The Revolution in Shopper Insights

Understanding How shoppers’ shop and Why they make the decisions they do is becoming more important to retailers and suppliers alike as shoppers demand more than just the basics in store.

Nothing beats looking through their eyes and being with them at the shelf in the natural store environment on a real shopping trip.

Actual Virtual Reality

Shopper Intelligence is delighted to bring you a revolution in shopper research. Australia is the lead country for the Global first ‘Automated In store Observations’.

Why is this different?

REAL SHOPPERS:  No shopper pre-recruitment. Natural shoppers are recruited at the store entry and complete their normal shop enabling us to see real shopping behaviour.

REAL STORES: We work across multiple retailers & store formats with retailer endorsement. Virtual shopping has come a long way but behaviour can be very different in the constructed environment versus that mad dash on your way home to grab something for dinner and a few pantry items.

REALISTIC INVESTMENT: Automated software tracking. This Global leading technology allows us to do large samples for low investment. Clients tell us this methodology is bringing them insights that they have never been able to get before …. and at a fraction of the price of the old eye tracking systems.

And its REVOLUTIONARY: A global first with a database of 1000’s of instore observations and 100,000’s of thousand shopper interviews bringing together both the HOW, WHAT and the WHY to enable you to action insights.

How it can help you?

Through our syndicated options and bespoke projects, we are helping both retailers and suppliers optimise their Store Impact. Conversion funnels are telling us WHERE shoppers are being lost on the path to purchase journey and HOW to fix it. Through our basket data we are improving locations in store. Shelf and store heat maps assist in improving brand visibility and ensuring point of sale is working.

Store Map

Lead the way of the future

It’s exciting, it’s revolutionary, it’s opening opportunities for building retailer collaboration and leading store, category and brand development. Shopper Intelligence has the largest sample of shopper insights gathered in Australia over 10 years, extensive retailer relationships across ANZ with a leading team of shopper experts focused on building solutions to deliver results for you.

What to know more? Contact follow us on LinkedIn and request a video of your shoppers shopping your grocery category in comments.