Store Impact

STORE IMPACT: Global First in Automated in store observations

  • Optimise your shelf conversion and brand position.
  • Align with the retailer on store flow, footpath and location.
  • Measure WHAT is happening and diagnose WHY so you can fix it.

Shopper Intelligence provides market leading shopper insights to improve the shopping experience and help both retailers and suppliers improve their business outcomes.

Store Impact takes this to the next level, analysing shopper behaviour in a way and on a scale that has never been seen before.

Higher Quality

  • Less bias, no pre-recruitment, real shoppers on their natural shopping journey in store
  • See through the eyes of the shopper, real video footage
  • Computer analysis and coding, not manual

More representative, more actionable

  • Any channel, any store, anytime
  • 2000+ sample in Coles and Woolworths every year in 18+ stores
  • Benchmark all categories, all locations

25% of the cost of traditional eye tracking

  • A standard module within Shopper Intelligence Grocery Core program
  • Plus option to tailor to your personalised brief

Measuring shopping from the shoppers’ perspective, genuine shoppers, wearing our unique camera glasses, record their view while they do a real shop, so that we can provide robust insights into your store impact.

Shopper Analysis

  • We can track the total journey in store in all categories as the glasses are unobtrusive.
  • No in-store infrastructure is required; it’s a quick and easy setup!
  • It gives us the ability to access large sample sizes of natural shoppers across all categories, locations and POS interactions.
  • There is no human error as it employs automated visual recognition.
  • Proprietary computer vision & machine learning software automatically extracts what shoppers see and creates a comprehensive set of metrics right from aisle, down to SKU level.

Store Impact is the global first in Automated In store Observations and the only automated analysis that benchmarks what shoppers see, where they go and what they do in all categories throughout the total store.

In Store Observations

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