About us

Putting the shopper at the heart of the conversation

We believe only by understanding how shoppers think and behave, can we influence what they buy.
We’re the only intelligence partner to unlock how and why shoppers buy, then continuously and objectively benchmark every category and every retailer to deliver essential insights to our retailer and supplier partners.
With a combination of our people’s experienced and trusted expertise, and pioneering techniques, we provide the most simple and actionable insights in the industry.

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We’re the largest shopper research partner in the world. In Australia and New Zealand alone, we work with every major retailer and carry out 150,000+ interviews every year.

What do we Deliver?

  • Understand WHY shoppers behave the way they do for any category, segment, brand or retail banner
  • Compare across retailers and channels and track over time
  • Benchmark categories across the store
  • Identify performance strengths and weaknesses

How do you use our insights?

  • Puts ‘hard’ shopper measures into category and customer plans
  • Informs category vision, strategy, and tactical plans
  • Facilitates supplier and retailer joint planning – top to top and day to day
  • Provides a shopper “Key Performance Indicator” for category outcomes over time
  • Foundation of a category scorecard

Benefits of using Shopper Intelligence?

  • Shared cost platform, delivering robust sample that is highly cost effective
  • Objective – acts as the voice of the shopper in all planning situations
  • One source used by both retailers and suppliers
  • Comprehensive suite of consistent reports that are simple and familiar to navigate
  • Online reporting tools that make insights easy to access and use across teams
  • Consistent shopper measures year to year across categories and retailers
  • Benchmarking ability delivers context for category and retailer performance

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