Our Purpose

Our mission is to put the shopper at the heart of every conversation. We know this delivers better outcomes for FMCGs, retailers, and shoppers!​

How we live our values:  

Shopper Intelligence Values


  • Our clients come first, we provide an insightful, engaging and trusted end to end experience for them, earning their loyalty and respect
  • We hold ourselves to high standards in quality we deliver and expertise we have in our team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. ​


  • We listen well, so we can better understand\
  • We treat people with respect, independent of their status or alignment with us
  • We embrace accountability, admit mistakes, learn and improve.​

Achieve life’s goals – together!

  • We acknowledge everyone’s life priorities are different and support each other to work towards them
  • We respect and recognise our differences as well as our similarities and the unique combination each of us brings in working together
  • We make time to help each other and celebrate our achievements together. 


  • We continually seek to raise the bar and explore new methods and business streams

  • We are committed to improving the way we get the job done

  • We are each responsible for seeking and voicing solutions to both challenges and opportunities.