Define The Value Proposition

Get your pricing strategy right and identify the best innovation opportunities for your specific categories and retailers.​

Are you executing the optimal pricing strategy for each of your brands, categories, retailers and channels?

Are you prioritising value and values that will cut through the noise instore and online?

These are simple questions that scan data and consumer research can’t answer.

At Shopper Intelligence, we continuously benchmark real-life shopper mindsets and behaviours in your category versus the rest of the store and for each retailer, to provide you with the optimal solution – and most persuasive story – for your specific products and brands.

Problems we solve 

Build an optimal pricing strategy

Understand the role Price plays in driving decision making, including all types of price investment.

Prioritise everyday low price vs high/ low special offers investment, frequency and depth. Includes how to best communicate price to cut through.

No more brand-eroding promotions

Benchmark the incremental value promotions in your category provide.

Prioritise bulk offers vs single/ small pack. Measure expandability of promotions for long term growth.

Identify the best innovation opportunities

Measure value beyond price, including innovation and premium opportunity for your category and brand.

Specify which factors will drive successful innovation (e.g. health, sustainability), what is the future trend opportunity.