Optimise The Shelf

With insights on your off-location effectiveness, substitutability and brand loyalty, and your shoppers’ decision hierarchy, we can help you optimise layout instore and online

Is your brand in the optimal position instore and on the shelf?

Are your products standing out from your competitors in all the right ways?

These are simple questions that scan data and consumer research can’t answer.

At Shopper Intelligence, we continuously benchmark real-life shopper mindsets and behaviours in your category versus the rest of the store and for each retailer, to provide you with the optimal solution – and most persuasive story – for your specific products and brands.

Problems we solve 

Improve layout

Understand your decision hierarchy, in-store and online.

Build Brand, Pack and Price architectures to convert the purchase at shelf.

Deliver effective product messaging instore

Learn which factors and occasions drive the shopper decision to buy. Focus your POS, pack, shelf and marketing messaging.

We tell you where purchase decisions are best triggered for your category/ brand, including pre-store and in-store, digital and physical.

Maximise off-location effectiveness

Prove your category and brand belongs off location or on gondola end, driving impulse sales and/ or shoppers into the aisle.

Understand which areas of store, including category adjacencies and occasions, drive more sales.