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Trusted by the major ANZ retailers, only our shopper insights compare your category and brand to the rest of the store. And your retailer to its competitors.

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Our clients rely on our shopper insights to elevate their category plans and have better supplier-retailer conversations.


Shopper Intelligence forms a key part of how we’re prioritising and measuring our efforts in 2024. It’s also been instrumental in identifying and activating some important category initiatives with some of our biggest customers.

Jeremy Zondag

Trade and Revenue Management Lead, Sanofi

Brand purpose must come from Shopper Insight. If we focus on the shopper need, we know we’ll get it right. Real commercial success over the past 8 years at LMG has come from real collaboration, like what we’ve done with Shopper Intelligence, over a very long period.

Damien Page

General Manager, Merchandise & Marketing, LMG


Helping you build better retail partnerships through shopper insights

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N Improve layout

N Know substitutability and brand loyalty

N Measure off-location effectiveness

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Define the value proposition

N Build an optimal pricing strategy

N Measure promotional effectiveness

N Identify innovation opportunities

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Communicate effectively

N Deliver more impactful marketing

N Know your shopper’s decision hierarchy

N Make the right online investments

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