Welcome to Shopper Intelligence

We are delighted to announce some very exciting innovation, international growth and increasing expertise, all culminating in a new name for our business: Shopper Intelligence.

So what does this mean for our business?

Innovation: Our commitment to innovation now includes a Global first in Automated In- Store Observations (Store Impact). We are also moving towards offering bespoke shopper research solutions, as well as our current syndicated programs.

International Growth: We launched 10 years ago as Shopper Tracker in Australian Grocery, we are now in 10 Countries across Grocery, Liquor, Convenience and Pharmacy channels: Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, South Africa.

Increasing Shopper Expertise: We are and will continue to be Category and Retailer centric, supported by genuine industry experts in Retail, Supplier and Research: Understand. Influence. Lead.

There is no change to the data, service or reporting you see from us. Expect continued Innovation, International growth and Shopper Expertise from us. Going forward, the Shopper Intelligence name brings us into line with our growing International footprint and enables us to grow and develop as a business for the next 10 years. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Enabling this, our brand name is now Shopper Intelligence, effective immediately.