Who will win the Foodvenience Mission?

Apr 3, 2018

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, arguably the most exciting part of our day is when we get to eat, snack or drink. I mean, you’re already thinking about when you get to eat next. What will it be? Where will you go to get it? Will it be easy to shop and meet your need?

Shopping is changing. Shoppers have more options and less time. We have seen a 23% increase in shopping for the immediate need in the last 18 months. Delivering to the occasion is becoming more important for all channels. Quick ‘Foodvenience’ solutions are key in today’s hectic environment.

Shoppers now buy and eat in new ways which has evolved ready/easy to eat solutions. It’s about product and experience. Retailers need to differentiate the two to win. Whilst we as an industry may delineate channels such as Petrol & Convenience vs. Grocery vs. Quick Serve Restaurants, our shoppers do not. They are all convenient destinations, anchored in food to go. It started with coffee, but everyday new retail concepts that hero food are popping up everywhere.

The Shopper Challenge

What today’s customers are challenging the retailers with is authenticity. Customers want it fresh, made/delivered daily, healthy & nutritious without compromise on taste, packaged conveniently without doing too much harm to the environment at a price point that is value for money.

The line between food retail outlets and gastronomy is becoming increasingly blurred, the emerging challenges of this environment raise questions such as what channel and/or retailers are winning share of wallet for meal occasions like breakfast, lunch and dinner? Where does snacking and beverages play a role?

Winning the Foodvenience shopper is not just limited to the P&C channel. QSR and Grocery continue to evolve their offer.

How to win?

Winning in Foodvenience is on every retailer’s and supplier’s mind. Traditional retailer roles are being challenged. Boots UK is a great example of pharmacy becoming a destination for Foodvenience with its sandwich lunch offer. What does this mean for the Australian landscape? What does this mean for the convenience channel? What does this mean for a snacks, drinks or food companies? Who is competing for your share of stomach? From a retailer’s perspective, what categories do you focus on, who is stealing your shopper? There are implications and opportunities for all

To understand how to win this important shopper we firstly need to understand the shopper. What is their mission, why are they buying, who are they, where & when are they shopping for a solution-beyond traditional convenience outlets?

In 2018, Shopper Intelligence Australia has taken convenience to the next level. Our new state of the industry report answers these questions and more. Our focus is on helping you understand not only your shopper but also where else they go for solutions you deliver and where you focus to win with them. We will unlock the needs and motivations of the out-of-home on-the-go ‘Foodvenience’ shopper and help you identify where to invest to win in the changing shopper landscape.

For more information please contact Nancy Truscott Nancy.truscott@shopperintelligence.com.au or brooke.hankinson@shopperintelligence.com.au to find out more!